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  • 10 Top Tips for Living Independently

    1. Make your room a home with your own personal bar fridge and pantry – put a stop to the food feud with you and your house mates!…

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  • Lance's Story

    Week One

    Last Friday I met up with my worker from the My Place Program to initiate my ‘leaving home plan’ and find out what to do next….

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  • What makes a great Case Worker

    During the development of this site, the Young People involved in the consultations all wanted to get their voices heard when is comes to what makes a great Case Worker, here are some of their tips and suggestions:

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  • Handy Hints about Leaving Care

    The young people involved in consultation to develop this website, spoke of some of the areas of their transition to independence where they could identify changes that would improve the leaving care experiences for young people in the future….

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