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Public Transport

While having your own car might be your favourite choice, public transport is an easy way to get around and it’s much cheaper than running a car. Have a look at Transperth’s website to see which buses, trains or ferries suit you and how much they’ll cost. The website has a good journey planner section which helps you work out the quickest route for you wherever you’re going. Or you can call 13 62 13.

If you’re regularly using public transport it’s a good idea to get SmartRider. This is a card that you swipe every time you go on or off public transport. It works out cheaper than buying a ticket each time. You can buy it at the main bus and train stations in the city, Transperth info centres and also from some newsagents. It costs $5 for students and $10 for adults. You then add money to it as you go or its even cheaper if you get a direct debit set up from your bank account. How do I use a SmartRider?