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One of the most important parts of becoming independent is getting around by yourself. Some of you may still be lucky enough to be getting lifts from adults when you need to go places while others are probably masters of public transport system. This section gives you info on one of the most exciting parts of independence…..getting your licence! Furthermore there is also information and links other useful information on things like running a car, driving laws, public transport and much more. So fill up the tank with fuel and go full steam ahead with the following information.

  • Getting Your licence

    Getting your licence is your ticket to freedom – goodbye to waiting in the sweltering heat at the bus stop – hello road trips with your friends that you always dreamed of. Sounds good hey? Well, before you pack up the car with your tents and friends and drive off into the sunset, there is some helpful information worth knowing…

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  • Important Info for Owning a Car

    Car registration and licence

    Every car on the road must be licensed (registered) to an owner so whether you get your first or one hundredth car, you are required to get your car licensed to your name. For cars to be licensed in your name you must fill out the correct forms…

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  • Driving and the Law

    Being a driver is a big responsibility. Not only do you need to be aware your own safety but also the safety of other drivers and pedestrians on the road. Road rules, demerit points and drink driving laws are all about keeping people safe….

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  • Public Transport

    While having your own car might be your favourite choice, public transport is an easy way to get around and it’s much cheaper than running a car. Have a look at Transperth’s website to see which buses, trains or ferries suit you and how much they’ll cost…

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