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Turning Eighteen

Getting a Proof of Age Card

As soon as you turn 18 you can apply for a proof of age card. This is so you can show the whole world you’re finally an adult! It’s particularly useful if you don’t have your driver’s licence, as it can be used for the same things e.g. getting in to over 18 venues and toward a 100 points identity check when opening a bank account etc. You can apply for your proof of age card from your local licensing centre and it will cost you $20. For any more information on applying for a card you can call Licensing Services on 13 11 56 or check out the website Licensing Services .


By law, all Australian residents over the age of 18 must vote. It’s an important right for all Australians, getting to have a say in who runs your country. If you fail to vote you may receive a fine. Before you can vote you need to register with the Electoral Commission and you can do this by getting forms from the post office. Some schools will do this for you in year 12 so if you’re at school you could ask a teacher about it. For further information on voting, check out the Electoral Commission’s website.