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The Police

Dealing with the Police

Hopefully you won’t have to deal with the police very often at all but it’s still good to know how to handle the situation. If you become involved with the police in any way, it is in your best interest to remain calm and polite. While you should definitely know and assert your rights, you should do it a non-aggressive way. When dealing with police in any situation you are allowed to ask a police officer their name, rank and the station that they’re from.

Being questioned

Police are allowed to come and ask you questions at any time. The only questions you have to answer are your name and address. For any other questions you can say that you would not like to comment until you can speak to a lawyer/ parent/guardian. However if you have been lawfully arrested the police have the right to question you and you can be charged for refusing to answer or for giving false details. It is important to remember not to ever sign anything until you have got some legal advice.

Being searched

The police are allowed to search you, your house, and your car without a warrant if they have reasonable suspicion that you have illicit drugs in your possession. They also don’t have to have a search warrant to search your house if they believe there may be someone who has broken the law hiding there. Remain calm and ask them why they would like to search you.

Being arrested

If the police arrest you they must tell you that you are under arrest, tell you why you are under arrest and tell you where to go with them or to remain where you are. If you are under 18 the police must inform a parent or guardian that you have been arrested so that they can be present during questioning.

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