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Legal Services

Who to Call for Legal Help

Some movies and TV shows show lawyers as being ruthless sharks who are only interested in making money without caring about the people involved. While this can sometimes be the case it is far from the truth for most lawyers. In WA there are some excellent services and lawyers who give information, advice and other legal help on a variety of issues. One of the best parts of some of these services is that they are free! Who and where are they, you may ask. Well the following are links to some services that will be able to point you in the right direction:

Legal Aid is an organization that is there to offer free legal help and advice. They have services for young people so if you ever need some legal help they are a good first stop.

Legal Aid information line – 1300 650 579
A great way to get some information from anywhere in the state and it only costs you the charge of a local phone call. Also it is a great place to start for finding the best service in your local area.

Youth Legal Services is a community legal service that provides free and confidential legal services to young people in WA. The service is available to individuals under 25 years old and they have many fact sheets providing information on the most common legal issues that young people face (so check it out).