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Once you turn 18 you are your own legal guardian! This means that when you leave care you are legally able to make all the important decisions in your life. TOTAL FREEDOM I hear you say! It definitely does mean more freedom but it also means more responsibility. This section will give you info on your rights, as well as helpful services for any legal issues you might encounter on your journey to independence.

  • Legal Services

    Who to Call for Legal Help

    Some movies and TV shows show lawyers as being ruthless sharks who are only interested in making money without caring about the people involved. While this can sometimes be the case it is far from the truth for most lawyers…

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  • The Police

    Dealing with the Police

    Hopefully you won’t have to deal with the police very often at all but it’s still good to know how to handle the situation. If you become involved with the police in any way, it is in your best interest to remain calm and polite…

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  • Turning Eighteen

    Getting a Proof of Age Card

    As soon as you turn 18 you can apply for a proof of age card. This is so you can show the whole world you’re finally an adult! It’s particularly useful if you don’t have your driver’s licence, as it can be used for the same things e.g…

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  • Your Personal Rights

    Equal Opportunity Commission

    If you ever feel that you are being discriminated against, based on things such as age, gender or ethnicity there are actions you can take. This may happen in the workplace, while studying or even when applying for accommodation…

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  • Sex and the Law

    Age of Consent

    There really are laws about everything aren’t there?! While sex is a very private thing there needs to be laws about it to help protect you. Once you are 16, you can legally have sex with any other person who is over 16, as long as you both agree to it…

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