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Leaving Care

Leaving Care

What help is available?

If you are eligible, during and after you leave care the Department is required to assist you with support services, such as:

  • helping you to get accommodation
  • undertaking education and training
  • helping you get a job
  • referring you for legal advice if you need it
  • access to health services
  • access to counselling.

The Department may also provide you with some financial assistance to help you find and furnish accommodation so you can live near your employment, or to undertake education or training.
Click on this link to find out if you are eligible for assistance.

Support is available from the Department until you are aged 25 years old. However, once you leave care or turn 18 years old, you will need to ring the Department’s local office in your area you live in and ask to speak to someone about getting help as you will no longer have an allocated case worker.

Click on the link below for an outline of Leaving Care assistance.

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Your Department files

When you leave care, you will also receive a copy of what is in your Developmental file. This file holds documents about your schooling, health, any awards and so on. These should all be given to you as you leave care.

You are also able to access your Department file. Normally the district office manages this, but if more than two years has elapsed since you left care, you will need to contact the Department’s Family Information and Adoption Service on 9222 2555. This service can also help with tracing family members.

Your files may have information about other people as well (called third parties) and you cannot breach the confidentiality of a third party in obtaining your own information.

A case worker will assist you in having access to your file. They will know about the information in the file and be willing to support you if the information is upsetting.


There are a variety of ways that you can get counselling and your case worker can talk to you about your options so that you can decide on a way that best suits your needs.

  • If you are still in care, the Department will not want to know the specific details of your counselling but will want to know generally how the counselling is progressing for you.
  • Once you leave care the Department needs only to know enough about the services you are receiving to decide that it is appropriate to be funded. The specific details of your counselling will be confidential between you and your counsellor.

The Department will consider meeting the cost of counselling services for you both before and after you leave care.