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Care Plans

What is a Care Plan?

If you are in care, you should have a Care Plan.

A Care Plan is a written plan that explains what your needs are, and what the Department, the carer and other people will do to meet those needs.

It covers things like schooling, health needs, and counselling, where you will live and who you will have contact with, such as family members.

Care Plans and what they mean

There are three types of plans that you may be covered by during your time in care.

  • 1. Provisional care plan (Section 39 of the Children and Community Services Act 2004) – for when a child first comes into care
  • 2. Care plan (Section 89) – for a 12 month period*
  • 3. Care plan: Leaving Care (Section 89(5) – to plan for the child’s life after leaving care. This should be completed 12 months before you leave care.

Under Section 90 of the Act the Care Plan gets reviewed to check whether it needs to be changed.

  • You should have a say in the development of the plans that are put in place for you by the Department.
  • A meeting is held to decide on the Care Plan, and your views, ideas and wishes should be listened to and taken into consideration.
  • A copy of the Care Plan will be given to you, your caregiver/s and parents or family, and anyone else who is very involved with your life.

The Plan is looked at again every year, or more often if needed, and changes can be made to it when needed.

  • If you don’t agree with the plan made for you, you can object by speaking to the Chairperson of the planning meeting, or to the Advocate for Children in Care.
  • You should do this as soon as possible after the meeting. If you are still not satisfied, you can go to an independent group of people called the Case Review Panel to see if the Plan should be changed.
  • They will listen to your point of view and make a recommendation on whether some or all of the Plan should be changed.

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Having your Care Plan reviewed

If you are not satisfied with a decision that has been made for a Care Plan or a Leaving Care Plan, you should follow the review process to have your voice heard and your opinions considered.

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Leaving Care Plans

Before you turn 18, or when your Protection Order is due to expire, the Department will make a ‘Leaving Care Plan’ to cover what needs to happen to help you settle into your new life successfully.
The Department must ensure that when you leave care, you are provided with the services that are listed in your Care Plan.

This might include:

  • finalising any outstanding legal matters such as criminal injuries compensation
  • preparing you for independence
  • establishing support networks for you
  • tracing your family
  • supporting family reunions or contact, and assessing your need for aftercare services such as counselling.

You should also receive the following documents when you leave care:

  • birth certificate
  • passport
  • any school report or other report relating to your education
  • any photographs of you
  • any information about your health, including a copy of medical records and immunisation records during the time you were in care
  • any personal materials held by the Department or your carer.