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Leaving Care

Leaving care and starting out on your own road to independence can bring about all sorts of mixed emotions.

Feeling anxious and not knowing what road you will choose to travel is only natural. Try to share some of your fears and hopes for the future with your case worker, friends and family.

Remember that this is also a really exciting time of your life. Now that the L Plates are off, you don’t have to be a passenger any more. You are behind the wheel and you are the one doing the steering.

Speak up about what road you are planning to travel down (especially during Care Plan meetings). Keep in mind that there is always support available to you, should you feel as though you need a co-driver to navigate for a while.

If you have not already been linked in with a Leaving Care Service, speak to your case worker about making a referral or make the referral yourself

You can do this by contacting the Leaving Care Service in your area – see Leaving Care Services on the home page.

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