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Setting Up

Furnished rental properties are pretty hard to come by and can be a lot pricier than unfurnished properties. If you haven’t already started gathering household items, now is a good time to start thinking about what items of furniture and every day household items you will need to move out on your own.

There are a number of ways you can obtain furniture, house hold items and electrical goods to make your house a home, here are some ways to get started setting up:

  • Get the word out to family members or friends, who may be updating their old goods for new ones and ask them to keep you in mind for any hand me downs.
  • Start off small by buying an item, every fortnight (e.g.: kettle, toaster, towels, sheets, plates, and cutlery). This way you don’t have a huge expense when the time comes to move. Keep an eye out for home ware sales at stores such as Big W, Coles and K-mart.
  • Verge cleanup-you can often find furniture and other items, in reasonably good condition at verge clean up time. Contact your local council to find out verge clean up times.
  • Free Cycle-Free Cycle is a website for people who are giving and getting stuff for free in their local area. It is also a method of reusing items to reduce the amount of landfill in Australia.

For more information, log onto:

  • Garage Sales-Keep an eye out for garage sales in your area, set aside a whole day for browsing and bargain hunting.
  • Second Hand Stores-Stores such as St Vinnies and the Good Sammys can assist with second hand furniture and some household goods. There may also be non-profit community op-shops in your area which may be able to assist.

Have a look for a St Vinnies, Good Sammys or church op shops close to you:
Good Sammys
St Vinnies

You can ask your case worker for a referral to one of these stores, listing the items you need. Talk to your carer and case worker about including these items in your exit from care plan.

  • WANILS-The WA No Interest Loans Network Inc are available for essential household items, such as fridges and washing machines.

▪Loans are for low income earners with a Health Care Card who meet the income guidelines.
▪Applicants must have lived in their current address for six months or more (note; there is flexibility around the housing criterion).
Call the WANILS Network on 1300 365 301 to be directed to your nearest WA NILS agency or visit WANILS for more information.

  • TILA-Transition to independent living allowance-FACS.

For further information on TILA-See finance section of this site.

What You Need!

Here is a basic guide of items you will need to set up house.

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