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Department of Housing

Rental Housing

Rental housing with the Department of Housing (DoH) is in great demand and for this reason, there is a waiting list. The waiting list can be as long as five years.

It is a good idea to think about when you will be moving out on your own and to talk to your carers and case worker about getting on the list, as early as possible.

You can make an application for rental housing at 17 years of age. In some cases DoH may accept an application at 16 years old, if you are able to establish that there is a genuine need and there are supports in place for you to be capable of independent living. Each individual application is assessed on its own merit.

There will be a number of eligibility requirements that you will need to meet, such as:

  • Be an Australian Citizen
  • Provide proof of income
  • Provide proof of identity

Go to Department for Housing for further information on DoH rental housing.

Priority Housing

If your housing need is urgent, you may be eligible for priority assistance ahead of your turn on the waitlist.

Examples of situations that may contribute to an urgent housing need are:

  • domestic violence
  • medical conditions that are caused or aggravated by your existing housing.
  • racial harassment

Go to Department of Housing for further information on DoH priority housing.

Bond Assistance

DoH offer bond assistance and two weeks of rent in advance as an interest free loan to help you obtain accommodation in the private rental market.

If you fit the income limit criteria, The Department for Housing can help you pay the bond on a private rental property with a Bond Assistance loan, which:

  • You repay the loan starting from the date of the loan approval (minimum repayments per fortnight are $15.00).

When applying you will need to bring the following documents:

  • 1. a recent bank statement and a current ATM slip
  • 2. pay slips or an income verification statement from your employer,
  • 3. and/or a Centrelink income statement, not more than 4 weeks old.
  • 4. proof of identity x 3 (e.g. birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, proof of age card, health care card, gas/electricity account).

Go to Department of Housing for further information on DoH bond assistance

SHAP (Special Housing Assistance Program)

This program is only for people who have DoH accommodation.

It provides DoH tenants with the skills and support needed to fulfil their responsibilities as tenants. If you live in the metro area and are having difficulties maintaining a DoH house or are at risk of eviction, you can ask to participate in the SHAP program.

SHAP can assist you through home visits, counselling, linking you with other organisations and information on budgets and finance. You will also work on problem areas identified by DoH and help by resolving conflicts or disputes with DoH.

Contact your nearest DoH office on 1800 093 325 (toll free) to find out how to link in with the SHAP program.