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Relationships are extremely important to every aspect of our lives, whether it be support from friends, family, partners, co-workers, bosses, teachers / lecturers or even pets!
You won’t always like everyone but when you do click with someone make the most of it. Find something you’ve got in common and make time to just hang out. Having supportive relationships with others and finding ways to develop a fulfilling life for yourself is VITAL, no matter what circumstances you’re in. Everybody needs someone to share their problems with and just as importantly to share the good times! Relationships involve compromise and sometimes require a bit of work but in a healthy relationship the pros should definitely outweigh the cons.
The Relationships Australia website has some good relationship advice and the details of Services in WA . Or you can call Relationships Australia on 9489 6363 or 1300 364 277 (local call cost).

Dealing with Domestic Abuse

There are many forms of domestic abuse including physical assault, psychological or verbal abuse, forced isolation, denying access to food or money and forcing a partner to have sex. If you are currently experiencing abuse there are support services that can help you. And if you have experienced abuse when you were younger, you may find it helpful to talk to someone about it. Remember that you are not to blame for the abuse and there is help available to you.
These services can help you deal with past and present abuse:
Domestic Violence Advocacy and Referral Service 9300 1022
Anglicare Children’s Family Violence Counselling Service 9842 9991
Relationships Australia (and check out their website above) 9489 6363
Womens council website