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Drugs and Alcohol

Chances are that you, or someone you know, have used alcohol or drugs at some time. It’s important to understand the effects and dangers involved with drug and alcohol use so that you can make informed decisions which can help keep you and others safe.

Drugs, including alcohol, all have an effect on the central nervous system which is why you feel different after taking them. While you may feel good straight after taking drugs the reality is that you will probably feel worse than before when they wear off. Another important thing is that they affect your decision making skills, so that even if you feel like you are clear-headed and in control you are actually more likely to do something risky that you wouldn’t usually do. People are more likely to get in to fights, have car accidents or unwanted sexual contact when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

There are a number of factors that influence the effects of drugs and alcohol. These include how much of a drug is used, how the drug is administered, the physical characteristics of the user (like weight), the mood and environment the user is in and also the user’s tolerance to the drug. The important thing to remember is that every time you use a drug these factors will be different so you can never predict exactly how the drug will affect you. This is why people accidentally overdose sometimes. To learn more facts about drug and alcohol use visit the Salvation Army, Somazone or Dr YES online websites.

If you or your friends are going to use drugs or alcohol there are some things you can do to do to make it safer. For some good tips on safer drug use visit Reachout. This site also provides information on the impact of drugs in your life, ways to get help for you or a friend who is using drugs, as well as managing peer pressure to take drugs.

Most importantly remember that you only have one body and drugs and alcohol do serious short and long-term damage to it. So look after yourself!

Some helpful numbers if you or someone you know is having a problem with drugs:

Drug arm 9497 9498
Next Step 9219 1919

Between the Lines
www.betweenthelines.net.au is a community for young people aged 18 – 25 that enables you to make informed decisions about drug & alcohol use.