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Food and Nutrition

Have you noticed that after eating certain meals you are bursting with energy while with other meals you are left feeling tired and run down? Nutritionists, professional sports players and scientists have noticed this and that is why lots of work has been put into researching foods that are good and not so good for the body.

It’s important to eat a wide range of foods. The most important food groups are Grains (wholegrain bread, rice, cous cous and pasta), Protein (lean meat, seafood and eggs), Dairy (cheese, milk, yoghurt) and Fruits and Vegies. When you make a meal you should try to include all of these, especially grains and vegies (they’re the cheapest too!). It’s ok to have fatty foods sometimes (cakes, chocolates, fast food, soft drink) but having them all the time is definitely not a good idea. Not only will they make you physically unhealthy but they’ll cost you more money and make you feel rotten! Doing your own cooking means you know exactly what’s going in to your food and you can make it to perfectly suit your taste.

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