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Life can get really busy at times and it may appear that you don’t have time or energy for exercising. However exercise is really important for keeping the body active and releasing endorphins, which are the chemicals in the brain that give you a natural high. So not only is exercising important for maintaining a good level of fitness and physical health but it also really important for maintaining a positive outlook on life. Regular exercise will also help you sleep better and reduce your stress levels.

It doesn’t matter if you walk, run, play contact sport, bend your body like a pretzel or swim a few laps of the pool it all helps in maintaining a positive ‘healthy mind healthy body’ balance.

The other great thing about exercising is that it is an awesome way to meet new and likeminded people so dust off those footy boots, polish the golf clubs or get on your bike to give yourself the best chance.

If you would like to find info about the importance of exercise, exercise / sports groups in your local area or how to get involved then check out:

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