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Once you start becoming cashed up from working hard, you need to know how to look after your money so that you’re not always broke two days after pay day! It can take a bit of practice, as well as trial and error, but once you’ve nailed it you will save yourself a lot of unnecessary trouble and worry! The following section gives you information and handy hints for managing your money.

  • Managing Your Money

    Setting up a Bank Account

    A bank account is the safest place for your hard earned money. First you need to choose a bank, or financial institution. You may decide on a bank because it has a special kind of account that you like, low fees or because it’s close to you…

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  • Understanding Tax


    Everybody has to pay tax. It automatically gets taken out of your pay when you a have a job or receive a Centrelink payment. It can seem very annoying that you don’t get to keep all the money that you earn but without tax there would be no hospitals, no buses, no roads, no schools…….

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  • Managing Bills and Credit

    Paying Bills

    You can pay bills over the phone using B-Pay or with online banking that you can set up with your bank. Also, most bills (except rent) can be paid at the post office. It’s a good idea to keep receipts of all bills that you pay…

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  • TILA -Transition to Independent Living Allowance

    What is TILA?

    TILA the Transition to Independent Living Allowance is one-off practical support from the Australian Government to assist some young people who are making the transition from formal and informal care to independent living. …

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