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Looking For a Job

Types of Employment

There are heaps of different kinds of jobs out there. One way to distinguish between jobs is the type and amount of training you need to do. Jobs like hospitality and retail don’t usually involve external training courses, you learn the job as you go. Trades, like carpentry and plumbing, require an apprenticeship which can also include lessons at TAFE. Professional jobs, like law and teaching, require a university degree. There are lots of options for what kind of job you can choose and the training you’ll need.

To get an idea of the different occupations that are out there, and their education and training requirements visit the Job Guide

Finding a Job

Sometimes it can be hard just finding jobs, let alone applying for them too! Don’t give up though, there are always jobs out and once you know good ways to look for them they’ll be much easier to find. Here are eight different ways of finding work to try:

  1. One of the best ways to find work is through word-of-mouth, family and friends- tell everyone you know that you are looking for a job. You never know who they might then talk to.
  2. Call up, or go visit, businesses or organisations that you would like to work for and ask them if they have any positions currently available. Even if they don’t you could leave your details or resume there in case a job comes up later.
  3. Look in the job ads in the paper. You can look in any community newspaper but the West Australian Newspaper on Wednesdays and Saturdays have by far the largest employment section.
  4. Go on to job search websites such as SEEK and Career One . You can enter exactly what kind of job you are looking for and it can even email you when suitable jobs come up.
  5. There are also a list of government jobs (eg. local government, government departments, police etc.) at the Western Australia government jobs website . For more information on government jobs you can also check out the Public Sector of WA website
  6. Centrelink’s Looking for work webpage provides links to jobseeker services and other resources.
  7. Information can be found on the Job Services Australia website to help find the right service for you.
  8. Centrelink also provides access to phones, photocopiers, fax, job guides, pamphlets, a noticeboard and computers for typing up resumes and letters (a good tip is to take a disc or thumb drive to save your resume on).

Job Search Training

Job search training will help you with writing resumes, job applications and interview techniques. After 3 months of being registered with Centrelink you will be contacted about job search training. If you are receiving Youth Allowance or Newstart it is compulsory to attend, otherwise your payments may be stopped.

Centrelink also offers a free career counselling service (phone 13 28 50)

Job Services Australia

Job Services Australia is a national network of private and community organisations dedicated to finding jobs for unemployed people. To get more info visit their website or call the Job seeker hotline on 13 62 68. To find a Job Services Australia service provider near you follow this link Find a provider