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Whether you work to live or live to work, your job is always going to be part of your adult life. There are lots of things to think about when it comes to jobs. The following section aims to give you helpful info on looking for, applying for and keeping a job.

  • Looking For a Job

    Types of Employment

    There are heaps of different kinds of jobs out there. One way to distinguish between jobs is the type and amount of training you need to do. Jobs like hospitality and retail don’t usually involve external training courses, you learn the job as you go…

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  • Applying for a Job

    Most advertised positions have a due date for applications so you need to get your application in on time or it won’t be considered. If you have heard about a job through someone else it’s a good idea to contact the business and ask if the job is still available and find out the best way to formally apply…

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  • Keeping a Job

    Your Rights

    It’s important that you know your rights so that employers can’t take advantage of you- which unfortunately happens sometimes, particularly to young people. The best way to handle this is to make sure you know all terms of employment before you accept the job…

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