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Your Options at School

All young people, in Western Australia, in their 16th and 17th years must be in some form of education, training or employment. If you decide that you don’t want to continue with normal full-time schooling there are other options you can choose. You may hear the word “pathway” being used when discussing these options. It basically means the combination of education and training courses a student uses to make up their legal full-time schooling requirements. If you decide you aren’t going to stay in full time school for years 11 and 12 you have three options:

  • Option 1) Participate in a full-time training program, apprenticeship or traineeship. It must be at a registered training organisation such as a TAFEWA college.
  • Option 2) Participate in a combination of school, training and/or employment (eg part-time schooling and part-time training).
  • Option 3) Participate in full-time employment rather than full-time schooling.

All three options require written parent/guardian consent, as well as approval from the Minister of Education.
If you decide to stay in normal full-time schooling you get to make decisions about what subjects you would like to do and whether or not you would like to do your TEE.
It’s probably best to have a chat to a teacher or your school counsellor if you’re having trouble deciding which option is best for you. Or you can also contact a Participation Manager at your district education office for assistance.

Alternative Education Programs

Alternative Education Programs are an option for year 11 and 12. They combine vocational or life skills education with English and Maths components. To find out what programs are available in your school or area speak to a teacher or your school careers counsellor.