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Scholarships are available to help you to study for further education after school. These can be really helpful, especially if you think money might be a problem for you. Check out the following scholarships that are available to help you on your educational journey.

Ida Curtois Awards

The Ida Curtois Scholarships are awarded annually to people aged between 17 and 25, who have been in long-term care and are now enrolled in the first year of a diploma, certificate or degree course at an approved institution. The award recognises and supports young people to follow up with further education and training.

There are 4 categories and these are:

  1. Young people who have successfully gained an apprenticeship or traineeship and are in their first year ($500).
  2. A young person who has achieved significant success in either a sport or the arts, such as drama or dance or music, and is intending to pursue this at tertiary level ($3,000).
  3. Department for Child Protection Achiever Award for young people who meet the requirements for an Ida Curtois Scholarship (completed Year 12, eligible to enter, and enrolled in a tertiary institution). The winners will receive approximately $1,000.
  4. Ida Curtois Scholarships will be awarded to up to 4 of the most outstanding students from category 3 ($3,000).

More information can be found on the Department of Child Protection’s website or via telephone on (08) 9222 2555.

Commonwealth Scholarships

The Commonwealth Scholarship Program is for individuals from low socio-economic backgrounds (in particular those from rural / regional areas as well as Indigenous students) and assists with costs associated to higher education. There are 2 main scholarship categories and they are;

  • Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarships – assists students with general education costs
  • Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarships – assist students from regional and remote areas who have to relocate to attend higher education with accommodation costs.

As well as this there are scholarships available to Indigenous students to assist them to access higher education in undertaking approved enabling courses.
In recent years, there have been around 12,000 scholarships offered so check out the link and have a go. If you never have a go you will never know!

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