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Some focus groups were held with Young People in care and they decided that a website would be the best vehicle for leaving care information.

If you have been in the care of the Department for Child Protection in WA and are leaving care soon, or you have left care and are aged under 25 years, this site is for you. Leaving care is a major change in your life, whether you have been in a group home or with foster carers or in some other arrangement. This kit has been developed to help you understand what will happen at the time and what you have a right to expect from the Department for Child Protection.

As well as your Departmental case worker, there are three Leaving Care services funded in WA to help you through this period. Your case worker will talk to you about referring you to one of the services in your region. It is better if your case worker makes the referral to one of the services as early as possible, a year even, before you actually leave the care of the Department.

The information on this site will be updated when any changes occur which make it inaccurate or outdated.

The information summarised here is based on the Children and Community Services Act 2004 (WA) but it is intended for general information only. It has been simplified – so don’t consider it the sort of legal advice you would receive from a lawyer.

There are a number of Fact Sheets on the Department for Child Protection’s website – www.childprotection.wa.gov.au – which can help you understand different parts of the legislation. They include:

  • Principle of child participation
  • Review of case planning decisions
  • Care plans
  • What is a protection order – enduring parental responsibility?
  • Leaving care assistance
  • What is a negotiated placement agreement
  • What is a protection order
  • Providing long term care for young children

The Children and Community Services Act 2004 is available for viewing on the State Law Publisher website www.statelawpublisher.com .


  • When ‘child’ is used in the Children and Community Services Act it also means ‘young person.’
  • Legally a ‘child’ is aged 0 -17 years, but a young person may receive leaving care support until they are aged 25 years.


1. Housing: We would like to thank Crossroads West, YACWA, TASWA and REIWA for their generosity in allowing IgnitionWA to reprint content for the housing page.

Disclaimer: While making every attempt to present general legal information relating to tenancy accurately in this publication, IgnitionWA disclaims liability for any loss or damage arising from its use. This website is intended as a guide and should not be used as a substitute for legal or other professional advice.

Crossroads West-Leaving Care Manual-reprinted with the permission of Salvation Army-Crossroads West.

YACWA-Roofs for Youth Manual-reprinted with the permission of the Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia

TASWA-Tenants and the Law WA-reprinted with the permission of the Tenancy Advice Service of Western Australia

REIWA-Standard lease application